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Health Care System

Case Study

Healthcare Providers

Delivering high-quality care may be the number one priority for healthcare providers, but reducing costs is always an imperative. The key to this is finding ways to streamline processes, eliminate inefficiency, increase productivity, and improve decision-making.

Expanding the use of information technology (IT) is a smart way to reduce costs and improve access to patient and organizational information. The powerful, integrated IT infrastructure provided by Microsoft Dynamics makes it easier to share patient information for clinical decisions, and access the financial data required to drive business decisions. This solution enables physicians, nurses, and administrators to work together as a single team.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a fully integrated financial and business-management solution that can help healthcare organizations transform the way they record, track, and access critical business information. Built to deliver the highest levels of ease-of-use, it offers integrated, cost-effective systems for healthcare delivery, helping to standardize and exchange financial information between entities.

Today, Microsoft Dynamics GP is used by 38,000 companies around the world, including a fast-growing number of hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities. Backed by Microsoft award-winning customer service, it's enabling healthcare providers to improve their financial and business processes, and ultimately deliver more cost-effective healthcare. Read on to find out why it's a sound choice for organizations in the healthcare industry.

Why Microsoft Dynamics GP for the healthcare industry?

Get the exact functionality you need from people who know your industry

Microsoft Dynamics GP takes a modular approach to functionality, and therefore it's customizable. That means you can invest only in the specific functionality you need. This can help ensure low total cost of ownership that translates to rapid return on investment.

Microsoft technology partners combine extensive knowledge about Microsoft technologies with a deep understanding of the specific business requirements of healthcare providers. That knowledge and understanding enables them to quickly implement Microsoft Dynamics solutions that solve the business issues that healthcare organizations face today.

In addition, Microsoft Dynamics GP is supported by a network of independent software vendors, value-added resellers, and systems integrators that understand the specific requirements of the healthcare industry. These partners can help healthcare providers select and implement the modules that will deliver the most benefit to their operations.

This page describes some of the core functions and benefits that Microsoft Dynamics GP can offer your healthcare business.

Financial management: Improve efficiency and insight

Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers the financial management tools that healthcare providers need to run their operations with efficiency and business insight. It offers applications that streamline processes, increase productivity, and improve decision-making in areas that are critical for healthcare providers.

Payroll and human resources management: Attract, retain, and manage talented staff

Microsoft Dynamics GP helps healthcare providers attract and retain talented, motivated employees with tools that make it easier to record, store, and access employee information.

Dependant on the skills and experience of physicians, clinicians, nurses, and other professionals, and organized to meet the around-the-clock needs of patients, healthcare providers have extremely complex requirements when it comes to payroll and human resources management. Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll and Human Resources modules include functionality to coordinate calculation of payroll tasks automatically, even as employees work in different departments and at different rates in a wide range of combinations.

Materials management: The right supplies—where and when they're needed

Microsoft Dynamics GP enables healthcare organizations to improve materials management efficiency so they can deliver the right supplies to the right place at the right time while also lowering costs.

Efficient materials management is an important component for success in virtually every industry. In healthcare, it not only affects the bottom line, it is also key to delivering safe and effective patient care. Microsoft Dynamics GP enables healthcare organizations to ensure that healthcare workers have access to the right supplies when and where they are needed by delivering the framework for efficiently managing the entire chain of supply.

Microsoft Dynamics GP modules for materials management include:

Features to help reduce the cost of healthcare operations

High-quality care is the number one priority for healthcare providers; reducing costs is the number one imperative. Microsoft Dynamics GP can help healthcare organizations streamline processes, increase productivity, and reduce inefficiency. Microsoft Dynamics GP offers a wide range of additional features and capabilities with significant potential to streamline operations and reduce costs.

Those features include:

Regulatory compliance: How Microsoft Dynamics GP can help

Healthcare organizations face a heavy burden in their efforts to achieve compliance with a growing number of regulatory mandates and standards. Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers the enterprise resource planning (ERP) framework healthcare organizations need in order to achieve and maintain compliance with a broad range of regulatory mandates.

Microsoft Dynamics GP provides the tools and ERP framework that can help healthcare organizations connect systems and implement practices and procedures that are the foundation for achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers modules that can assist healthcare organizations as they work to achieve compliance with critical standards and regulatory requirements:


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